About the Author

Meet Elisa M. Camara

She was born and raised in West Virginia, went to Queens University in Charlotte, North Carolina, and is currently located in Orlando, Florida. She is the mother of three sons and the sister to a fallen Marine.

Leatherneck Magazine Book Review by Robert Loring:
Written in tribute to the author's brother, Sergeant Mecot Camara, who was killed in the Beirut Bombing in 1983. The authors first book titled AMERICAN BROTHER tells the story.

"PATRIOT PUP" is a sweet story of young Hank, his uncle the Marine and the puppy they find in the woods. The story continues when the puppy (of course, it's a bulldog) saves everyone from a threatening bear and is rewarded with his own dog tag.

This book is a good step up for grade-school children ready for the challenges of reading beyond sight words. The story's themes of bravery, loyalty, patriotism and family make for an enjoyable read which will entertain the under-10 crowdm and the fun illustrations briing the lively tale to life. Reminiscent of many classic children's books combining a child, a pet and an adventure, expect to see more of Hank and his "PATRIOT PUP" in the future.

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About the Illustrator

Meet Jason Breidenbach

Jason has been an artist and illustrator since 2005. He has created numerous works of art and illustrations that have been published in magazines, books, and as limited edition prints. He lives in Stafford, VA with his wife and son.